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Tutorial 3 - Paid Games

aa We are pround to offer two paid games to you in arcadetribe: 3D Live Pool and 3D Live Snooker. They are the flagship games of our website. Comparing with other online billiard game in the market, our games have a lot of unique features:

3D Live Pool
players online
3D Live Snooker
players online

Incredibe realistic graphics and physics simulation. You can use to hone your pool or snooker skills for real life play.
Powerful communication system in game. You can chat with other players, send private or pubic messages, keep your own buddy list or even have a party in the game room.
Supports team play. The game allows maximum 6 players to play in one game, such as 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 2 vs 3. Many players team up with their friends or family members to play, great fun!
Tournaments are held almostly every hour. The tournaments are prized. You can win tons of rates and game coins :)
Every player has an easy-to-use profile page to introduce himself and upload personalized photos. You can easily make friends with players all over the world or the ones living in the same country or city of you.

aaYou can play 3D Live Pool/Snooker for free in 30 days. When the trial period ends, you must order to continue to play (You can still play other free games if you won't pay). Please click following links to learn the 3D Live Pool / Snooker premium account benefits:

3D Live Pool Premium Account Features
3D Live Snooker Premium Account Features


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